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Cultures for Health Podcast

Mar 7, 2022

In this episode, we speak with a big name in the sourdough community: Food 52's resident baker and the creator of The Perfect Loaf...Maurizio.

Want to make your own sourdough at home? It's seriously way easier than you think. Cultures For Health offers DIY kits and a variety of starter cultures to make at-home baking and fermentation super simple. Best of all, we are offering 25% off when you use the code CFHPODCAST. 

There are tons of flour varieties out there. Learn what works best for your baking styles by experimenting! Customization is the best part about homemade bread. You can even mill your own flour for unlimited flavors and varieties!

How often do you have to feed your sourdough starter, anyway? It's different for everyone! Maurizio gives a few troubleshooting tips when it comes to temperatures, feeding schedules, and discards.  

Find Maurizio on Instagram for baking inspiration!

If you're interested in making your very own sourdough at home, Cultures For Health has everything you need to get started! Use the code CFHPODCAST to get 25% off. Subscribe to our podcast to stay in the loop with all things fermented and cultured foods! See ya next time!