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Cultures for Health Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

In this episode of the Cultures for Health Podcast, our new host Riley sits down with Cara Lovett, the Cultures for Health fermentation specialist, to talk about our Facebook group.

A variety of questions, recipes, and discussions come through our Facebook group everyday; Riley brings up some recent questions from the group and Cara gives her insight. The group has so much to offer to fermenters, from those who are starting to become interested to those who have years of fermentation experience.

Sharing is caring, that is why our Facebook group is important to fermenters and those interested! Make sure to check out the Facebook group, Cultures for Health - Fermentation Tips, Tricks, & Recipe Exchange. Join the group, we are excited to hear your questions and to troubleshoot your ferments. The community is here to help you be successful in your fermentation journey. The group is also a great place to share and find new recipes, check it out!